The latest introductions by Zentoo

Spring begins with new varieties for Zentoo

3 Spray and 1 single Bloom variety: this year's spring has kicked off with new varieties. Zentoo, a group of ten Chrysanthemum growers, is introducing these to the market. Be sure to keep an eye on Flowerbook the following weeks, because more novelties have been announced by the company. For now, we have a look at the recently added flowers. 

So, whats new? 

Vanya Pink  Almost Dahlia-like, if we are talking about shape. Leave it up to Vanya Pink to amaze you with its pink hues and greenish centre. 

Sorbet Berry and Sorbet Banana We already knew the cream-coloured Sorbet Vanilla, now Zentoo presents two additional Sorbet-flavours! Sorbet Berry introduces a darker pink shade to the already big assortment of spray chrysanthemum, whereas Sorbet Banana gives you a summer-vibe with its bright yellow. Keep this one in your sight for your Eastern bouquets and arrangements!

Abbey and future introductions

Last year, Zentoo introduced Abbey as a so-called limited edition. Flowerbook was happy to be part of the introductory process and will be involved in the future ones as well.