Valentine with Flowerbook

Flowerbook valentine-selection

You can now discover a new Flowerbook selection, this time, especially for valentine. It’s not a secret that roses are the most popular flowers during valentine. But what to combine with it? What are the alternatives? And what are the best roses to buy and use?
All answers to those questions you will find in the application, type in “Valentine” or “v-day” in the search bar. This will show you a selection of growers and products that are suited for any design during valentine!

Discover even more!

What can you do extra with Flowerbook during this period? You can scan or select colors that match any valentine-related design. Use our color picker or color palette to get a list of matching flowers. In the valentine selection, there are also growers shown. Their assortments include also varieties that might fulfill your needs during these busy days!

Find out for yourself!

There are more flowers to discover during the valentine period. With the selection we've made, you can spark up your creativity and design wonderful bouquets for the day of love! We suggest that you open Flowerbook and go check out the selection!
Try it yourself!
Download Flowerbook right now and see how it can help you in your daily work! Interested in a featured blog about how you use the app? Contact us!