We offer more than only the app!

We offer special promotion, the ultimate mix of on- and offline promotion.
Webshop Feed
We can add more value to your webshop with our images and information! A good image sells mor then 1000 words!
Image licence
Do you need any images or pictures of floral products? Check out all the possibilities we provide!
White Label App
In need of a unique and fully customized product? We can build it for you!
Data and insights
With our experience we have been able to obtain useful data and insights that can help your organization! 
Get your flowers out there!
We can promote your flowers worldwide to the best audience available! Online and offline promotion is essential and must be combined.
We offer tailor made promotional campagin within our network of growers, florists and wholesalers. Activating our infrastructure and local presence in various flower markets around the world, we can promote products amongst a focused and interested audience! 
Webshop feeds
Add more value to your webshop with our images and information. Provide your customers with a complete set of clear images and correlating information. Feel free to ask us for more info concerning this service!
Our feeds can supply your webshop with an extensive set of data and images that gives clients the complete overview of a certain flower. We are able to provide you with images that show a flower in a more advanced stadium, a great feature to use with peonies for example! 
Get your license to our pictures
Our image-database consist of product pictures, inspirational pictures and other flower-related pictures!
Obtain access to our database of pictures, whether it be inspirational or product picture, most likely we have something for you!  You can search trough our database or request new pictures at any time. We also offer custom made photoshoots!
White-Label Application
Want to show your clients what you have to offer? Why not do this with a fully customised smartphone app? 
Whether you are a wholesaler that wants to provide clients with good images and info or a breeder looking for a nice way to present the latest discoveries of new flowers, Flowerbook can provide you with a good solution. 
Gain insights with our data!
With a worldwide user base of our services, we have very useful data. It's not just about the data, but how you use it!
What to do with data? How do we implement this in our company? We are able to offer you an easy to use analytics tool. You can use our portal to gain insights about specific markets, products or the combination of it all! We can help you set up, execute and learn to work with our data.