Pollen free lilies of life

No smell and no stains!

Pollen-free lilies! 

The fragrance of flowers is very important nowadays. Eucalyptus, garden roses, daffodils or hyacinths, each can add value to a (mono)bouquet through its smell. In the case of Lilies however, not everybody is fond of the intriguing and sometimes overwhelming smell.

The fragrance of Lilies originates from their pollen. Next to their smell, they also are a notorious source of stains on clothes. And for some people, the smell even inflicts headaches Reason enough for certain breeders and growers to create a niche. A few years ago, Lilies of Life started with the production of a few varieties that had no pollen. They have extended this line throughout the years, with new and exciting varieties. Not only do they not contain any pollen, they also have non-traditional shapes or colours.

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