Qualirosa, meet the celebrity brand of roses!

African roses for the whole world!

The celebrity brand of roses...

Our latest member invites you to meet the celebrity brand of roses' and that can now also be done in our app. Qualirosa from Ethiopia is a producer of roses and spray roses and they have a diverse assortment of more than 50 varieties! All these varieties are now in the Flowerbook app! 

The varieties of Qualirosa

With 50 varieties, this grower has a wonderful assortment available for you! But with such a big assortment it is almost impossible to remember how the roses are looking like. With the grower-page in Flowerbook we made it more clear how the roses look. We also give you the complete availability of these roses, so now you can always order right on time! For the complete assortment you open your Flowerbook app and type in 'Qualirosa' in the search bar!

Flowerbook for showcasing varieties 

Showcasing the roses to the right target group is very important for Qualirosa. With the grower-pages in the app the users are able to see directly what is when available and which grower has it in their assortment. Also introducing new product through the app is an efficient way to promote novelties.   

Get your flowers out there!

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