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growing nostalgic, romantic garden roses.

Garden roses, the ultimate collection!

A grower that has already been on Flowerbook for quite some time, recently updated the complete assortment in Flowerbook. Famous for their David Austin roses and classic varieties such as White O’Hara, Piano and Yves Piaget, we show some of their latest varieties in this blog.

Selecting new varieties
New varieties are tested throughout the year on many different factors and in congruence with companies along the supply chain. Durability, quality, fragrance, shape of the flower and ability to market are taken into account when selecting new varieties. 
The company started producing three Wabara varieties, Miyabi, Senlitsu and Tsumugi. This brand of Japanese origin is bred by Keiji Kunieda and consists of both traditional and very non-traditional shapes and colors. In 2019, Hiyori, Misaki and Shilabe will be added as well! 

The Princess collection, with latest additions Maya, Miyuki and Suki, is said to be bred for the emperor of Japan. Alexandra Farms currently grows 6 varieties, with more to come next year! Fun fact is that each variety has its own nickname. Our favourite, Princess Maya, is also called ‘Night Rain’! You can find the varieties in Flowerbook under their regular name but also their nicknames!  For next year, Princess Hitomi and Princess Meiko will be added to the Alexandra Farms collection! 

Other varieties
Sabrina, Rosa Loves Me and Mayra’s Bridal Pink are among the other varieties. Sabrina opens up completely and shows a small green heart when it does. Rosa Loves Me is a beautiful shaped bi-color and the Mayra line is also acknowledged for its perfect opening and classic shaped varieties!

In 2019, more varieties will be added (hint: new David Austin varieties!) so be sure to follow Flowerbook and Alexandra Farms to stay up to date!  
Princess Miyuki  is a  beautiful and very fragrant white garden rose! 
Sabrina Garden Roses fully opened up
Wabara Tsumugi by Alexandra Farms! 
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