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Flowerbook was founded in 2014, with a goal to maintain a function that once met by a hardcopy-catalog. The application was launched and the first users began to work with Flowerbook. The app is designed and build with the users mind, which resulted in functions such as the color picker and search by availability. We also listened to our users when adding new flowers, which caused us to focus on a more 'open-stage' of cut-flowers such as peonies and garden roses. 
Information is the key...

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Flowerbook is one of the largest cut-flowers catalogues online. Our mission is to provide florists, wholesalers and any other flower enthusiast high quality pictures of flowers and information about availability. Growers and breeders use Flowerbook as a platform to showcase their varieties and provide extensive information about their products.
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What is in the app?

See what is available and when
Find what flowers are
available and which are not.
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Search flowers by product group and Search for over 7,500 high quality
pictures of flowers.
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Save all your favourite flowers to a list and never lose it again.
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Our services

We offer special promotion, the ultimate mix of on- and offline promotion.

Webshop Feed
We add more value to your webshop with our images and information. A good image sells more than 1000 words!
Image Licensing
Do you need images or pictures of flower products? Check out all the possibilities we provide.

White Label App
In need of a unique and fully customized product? We can build it for you.

Data & Insights
With our experience we have obtained useful data and insights that can help your organization.

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Flowerbook is used worldwide by florists, wedding- and Event-planners, wholesalers and many other floral professionals. This unique group of users makes Flowerbook the best place to showcase flowers. With the most up-to-date assortment we serve our users the most objective and relevant assortment.
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Put it to the test, download the app and see for yourself if you like the application. You can find Flowerbook in the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store and download the app there in just a few seconds. Probably the best thing about it, it is completely free!

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